Custom Development


With the power of APIs we can connect different platforms and pieces of software on ways you've never even though of. We can tie any platform with the required APIs into your existing IT infrastructure.

CMS & Framework Plugins

Let our developers build your dream plugin or library exactly to your specs. Extend your WordPress or other CMS to do just about anything your business will need.

Custom Tools

Many businesses need small tools that perform very specific tasks. Flare softworks can optimize your workflow by building you just the right tool and save your business time and money.

Full Platforms

Need a program that does everything? We can set you up with just the right piece of off the shelf software or develop a fully custom system for your needs.

Specialty Services

Hardware Prototyping

We'll analyze your business processes / workflow and apply technology to save you time and money. Once we've found your solution we'll provide you with the materials you need to train your staff.

Software Consulting

For some businesses off the shelf software just won't cut it. Web apps, desktop apps, phone apps, CMS plugins, integrations, APIs, embededded hardware, artifical intelligence, data modeling, Flare Softworks can do it all.

Machine Learning

Flare softworks will help you setup and maintain a variety of business web software platforms. Ticketing, Sales, Social Media Management, Customer Relationship Management, Content Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Community Forum Software and more!

Big Data Analysis

We offer feature rich on Canadian soil hosting without the hidden fees of other web hosts. With SSL, backup, software install and security tools included we ensure you have everything you need setup and keep your site online.

Our Tools & Technologies

At Flare Softworks we don’t believe in “one size fits all”. Each and every business has different requirements and for that reason we believe it is important to pick the right tool for the right job. Over the years we have worked with hundreds of software utilities, web platforms, programming languages and vendors giving us the ability to perfectly tailor your software stack to your business needs. 

CMS, Applications & Web Tools

Cloud & DevOps

Web Services & Integrations


Languages & Frameworks

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